E-MOTIONBIKE: Your expert for SUR-RON e-mopeds & e-cross bikes

Das SUR-RON Spezialisten Team von E-MOTIONBIKE
The market for e-mopeds / e-cross bikes has developed rapidly in recent years and in the middle of this change is a brand that stands for innovation and performance: SUR-RON. While many providers are trying to secure their position in this emerging market, one company in Germany has established itself as the top point of contact for SUR-RON lovers - E-MOTIONBIKE.

E-MOTIONBIKE – more than just a specialist dealer

Based in the picturesque community of Langlingen, E-MOTIONBIKE is not just a dealer for SUR-RON bikes. With its own editions such as the Club Editions and the Night Series, E-MOTIONBIKE offers you as a customer in Germany unique models of the sought-after e-cross bikes. This underlines how committed the company is to the SUR-RON community.

SUR-RON Light Bee and Ultra Bee: top-class e-mopeds & e-cross bikes

The SUR-RON Light Bee is no stranger to e-mopeds and e-cross bike fans. With its impressive performance, slim design and robustness, the Light Bee has won many hearts. As a light but powerful e-cross bike, it is perfect for off-road adventures and everyday life.

The SUR-RON Ultra Bee goes one step further. If you are looking for more power and an even more robust design, the Ultra Bee is just the thing for you. It's obvious that SUR-RON made no compromises when developing the Ultra Bee.

For those looking for the ultimate e-cross bike experience, the SUR-RON Storm Bee could be the answer. This bike is designed for the most extreme off-road conditions and promises a whole new level of power.

Replacement & performance parts and first-class customer service

E-MOTIONBIKE understands that your needs go beyond buying a new bike. That's why they offer an extensive selection of replacement and performance parts to ensure that your SUR-RON always stays in top shape.

Additionally, their customer service is outstanding. The E-MOTIONBIKE team is always at your side, whether it's about choosing the perfect bike or technical questions.


When it comes to SUR-RON e-cross bikes, E-MOTIONBIKE is the first address in Germany. The company has rightly made a name for itself with an impressive product selection, exclusive editions and unparalleled customer service. Are you looking for the best from the world of e-cross bikes? E-MOTIONBIKE and SUR-RON are the answer.