Save up to 46% with JobRoller!

Electric, environmentally conscious, quiet and extremely economical. The job scooter presents itself as an attractive mobility solution and represents an ideal benefit for the workforce. Especially in urban areas, the daily commute to work can become a challenge: crowded streets, traffic jams, finding a parking space... This is where the job scooter provides a solution and offers Employers have the opportunity to create a great benefit - the job scooter is an attractive option even for commuters from rural areas. In addition, the job scooter offers significant advantages for employees through financial incentives, support programs and tax savings, without any additional costs for the employer arise.

Advantages for employers

  • Advantages for employers
  • Attractive benefit for loyalty
  • uncomplicated processing
  • Savings on additional wage costs
  • positive company image

Benefits for employees

  • Monthly installment payments from gross wages
  • low maintenance and consumption costs
  • Get to work without traffic jams or looking for a parking space
  • unrestricted private use

Advantages for both

  • Up to 46% savings when purchasing with cash
  • Climate protection by saving CO₂
  • Comprehensive service and maintenance package

That's how it works!

First, the employer must contact us and (1) then conclude a framework agreement with Mercator-Leasing and transfer of use agreements (5) with the employees (3).

Once all the formalities have been clarified, the employees choose an e-cross bike (4) in our E-MOTIONBIKE shop, which they can then use for their commute to work and privately.

The monthly leasing payments including insurance and service portion (6) are deducted from the gross salary over 3 years. This saves up to 46% compared to a cash purchase.

The attractive benefit: jobroller for employers

It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find qualified employees. That's why jobroller is an ideal benefit for an application or to retain employees - and an alternative to a salary increase.

Further information

Mobile & economical: jobroller for employees

Jobroller offers many advantages: monthly installments without a down payment, up to 46% savings compared to a private purchase, low consumption and maintenance costs, reduction of your own CO₂ footprint...

Further information

Explanatory video for JobRoller

Our explanatory video shows the jobroller advantages for employers and employees.

>>Watch the video now <<

Information flyer about JobRoller

Convincing arguments for the new mobility alternative. Download, inspire the employer and get going.

>> Download flyer now <<

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