SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2024 Night Series
SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2024 Night Series
SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2024 Night Series
SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2024 Night Series
SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2024 Night Series
SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2024 Night Series
SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2024 Night Series
SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2024 Night Series
SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2024 Night Series

SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2024 Night Series

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Your dream bike can be financed at the best conditions with Targobank.

Financing example:
Purchase price: EUR 5,290.00
No deposit
60 months at EUR 104.25 each
48 months at EUR 126.19 each
36 months at EUR 162.86 each
24 months at EUR 236.37
12 months at EUR 457.24

Contact us by phone on 05082 278 97 00 or by email so that we can process the financing for you.

Information according to PAngV: Fixed interest rate of 6.80%, effective annual interest rate of 6.99%.

Pick up in 29364 Langlingen

Freight forwarding for self-assembly
Germany: EUR 99.00
Europe: EUR 169.00

Personal delivery by E-MOTIONBIKE (fully assembled & ready to ride)
Germany only: EUR 249.00

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SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) Night Series

Hey, watch out!

Get ready, because the SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) Night Series combines elegance, power and performance like no other e-bike.

First of all, the impressive basic data:

  1. Weight & mobility: Only 60 kg including battery and feather-light 49 kg without. You've never been so flexible.
  2. Range: With a full charge you can cover up to 60 km - whether in the city or in the country.
  3. Speed: Experience the city at 45 km/h.
  4. Suspension: Fully adjustable and ready for any adventure.

Your choice of tires:

  1. Street Edition: Perfect for the asphalt thanks to CST road tires.
  2. Cross Edition: With CST cross tires ready for any terrain.
  3. Max Cross Edition: The ultimate with Maxxis cross tires for real cross lovers.
  4. Supermoto Edition: Best combination of road and racetrack with Supermoto tires.

What sets the Night Series apart from the others:

  1. Support strut: More stability between the footrests? Check!
  2. Mini Mirror: Round design for the ultimate urban look.
  3. Rear conversion: With license plate holder, MudFlap & subtle mini LED indicators directly under the seat.
  4. Gen2 Fender: Extra long, extra protective, always in black.
  5. Organic brake pads: Maximum braking power for every situation.
  6. Handguards: Protective and stylish in carbon look.
  7. Look: Without decor, purely in black – because less is more.

Why you should choose the Night Series:

  • Customization: Your style, your tire choice.
  • Exclusivity: With the Night Series extras you stand out from the crowd.
  • Technology meets design: maximum performance without compromise.

Are you ready for the e-bike experience of your life? With the SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) Night Series, every ride is a highlight. Show what you're made of! Let's ride!

Important information about shipping for bikes without CST off-road tires

Your extras at the Night Series

Cross Edition

✅ Support brace
✅ Mini mirror round (left side)
✅ Rear conversion with license plate holder, mudflap & mini LED indicators
✅ Fender Gen2 extra long
✅ Organic brake pads with Kevlar
✅ without decor - completely black!
✅ Handguards in carbon look
✅ CST cross tires

Promotional price: 5,189 euros

Street Edition

✅ Everything from the Cross Edition
✅ Instead of CST cross tires, you get the CST road tires

Promotional price: 5,189 euros

Max Cross Edition

✅ Everything from the Cross Edition
✅ Instead of CST cross tires, you will receive our premium Maxxiss Maxxcross IT cross tires with street approval

Promotional price: 5,279 euros

Supermoto Edition

✅ Everything from the Cross Edition
✅ Instead of the CST cross tires you will receive the SURRON original Supermoto Kit 17" installed. (Not street legal)

Promotional price: 5,469 euros

The SURRON Light Bee L1e(X) 2023 in the Night Series

Experience the ultimate riding experience with our high performance bike “Light Bee” . With an impressive curb weight of just 47 kg and an incredible power of 6000 watts with a torque of 250 Nm, the bike accelerates from 0-50 km/h in just 4 seconds. The feather-light design and instant power allow you to use the bike both on and off-road . Master any terrain and tricks like wheelies or jumps with ease . Thanks to the space-saving design, it can be easily transported in the trunk from the size of a Golf or on a bicycle rack. Experience freedom and independence with the Light Bee .

G3 curved frame design

The total weight of aluminum alloy main and subframe is only 7.8kg. Pressed using the highest quality technologies at 6,000 tons and subjected to the most stringent quality tests.

Multi-stage coaxial gearbox

The multi-stage coaxial gear ensures optimal power transmission and linear power flow. The high-torque, air-cooled motor offers ultimate driving fun and safety in every situation and can even conquer terrain with gradients of up to 15°.

The power from 18650 Li-Ion cells

Type 18650 battery cells, a powerful battery management system with battery charge status display and 4 temperature sensors for real-time monitoring enable excellent energy efficiency, a long service life and a high level of safety.

Patented Intersect TR shock absorber

The Intersect TR shock absorber system is patented and, thanks to its excellent response, enables easy driving on difficult terrain and ensures pleasant driving pleasure.

Technical data

Length / width / height: 1,860 / 780 / 1,050 mm
Min. ground clearance: 270 mm
Wheelbase: 1,230 mm
Empty mass (without battery): 49 KG
Empty mass (including battery): 60 KG
Max. load: 100 KG

Cooling: Air cooled
Max. gradient: 15°
Range: 59 KM
Energy consumption: 47 Wh/KM
Rated continuous power: 2.04 kW
Maximum power: 5 kW
Maximum power dethrottled: 6 kW
Power transmission: belt / O-ring chain

Tire type: Enduro tires
Tire dimension: 2.5-19 41N
Front brake: Hydraulic 4-piston disc brake
Rear brake: Hydraulic 4-piston disc brake

Front suspension: double-tube telescopic shock absorber (USD)
Rear chassis: Multilink central shock absorber
Chassis manufacturer: DNM. Fast Ace or KKE

Controller: X controller (sine wave)
Charger: 67.2V, 10A
Charging time: 10-90% = < 3 hours / 0-100% = < 4 hours.
Battery: 60 V x 40 Ah = 2,400 Wh

Registration class: L1e-B ("two-wheeled moped" - equivalent to 50cc petrol motorcycle)
Required driving license: AM (from 15 years) or B (car)

Leasing with jobroller

Lease your SURRON e-cross bike easily and simply through our partner Jobroller and benefit as an employee and employer from some advantages such as:

  • Up to 46% savings compared to pure cash purchase,
  • Active climate protection by saving CO₂ emissions,
  • as well as an extensive service and maintenance package.

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