SUR-RON Light Bee vs. SUR-RON Ultra Bee 2023: Which e-cross bike is right for you?

SUR-RON Light Bee vs. SUR-RON Ultra Bee 2023: Welches E-Crossbike ist das richtige für Dich?

The world of e-cross bikes is fascinating, and with the ever-growing popularity of these nimble, electrically powered two-wheelers, there are more and more models to choose from. SUR-RON, as one of the industry leaders, has launched two impressive models: The Light Bee and the Ultra Bee. But which bike suits you best? We at E-MOTIONBIKE, your SUR-RON specialist dealer, will help you make a decision.

SUR-RON Light Bee 2023 - The agile lightweight

  • Weight : With only 60 kg including the battery (and only 49 kg without), the Light Bee is a real flyweight. This not only allows for easy handling, but also impressive agility.
  • Range : A full battery takes you to a distance of around 59 km - ideal for day trips or shorter distances.
  • Performance : With a rated continuous output of 2.04 kW, a throttled maximum output of 5 kW and an unthrottled output of 6 kW, the Light Bee offers enough power for most requirements.
  • Battery : The battery capacity is 60 V and 40 Ah, which corresponds to 2,400 Wh.
  • Registration & driving license : It falls into registration class L1e and is comparable to a 50cc petrol motorcycle. To drive you need either an AM or B driving license.

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SUR-RON Ultra Bee 2023 - For the power lover

  • Weight : At 87 kg including the battery (and 65 kg without), the Ultra Bee is more robust and stable - perfect for more demanding tours.
  • Range : It offers a considerable range of around 90 km, which makes it suitable for longer trips.
  • Performance : With an impressive maximum output of 12.5 kW, you have a lot of power at your disposal.
  • Battery : The battery offers an impressive 74 V and 55 Ah, which corresponds to 4,070 Wh.
  • Approval & driving license : The Ultra Bee belongs to the approval class L3e-A1e. To drive it, you need an A1 driving license or the B196 extension.

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E-MOTIONBIKE: Your partner when it comes to SUR-RON

Regardless of which model you choose, with us you get more than just an e-cross bike. We are experts in converting the bikes according to your wishes - whether for the street or the hard terrain. We find a solution for every requirement.


Whether you prefer the lightness and maneuverability of the Light Bee or the power and robustness of the Ultra Bee, SUR-RON offers the right e-cross bike for everyone. And we at E-MOTIONBIKE will be happy to help you find the perfect bike for your needs and convert it according to your wishes. Stop by and get advice!