The GHG quota and its effects on SUR-RON e-vehicles: An update

Die THG-Quote und ihre Auswirkungen auf SUR-RON E-Fahrzeuge: Ein Update

Today we are dealing with a topic that is important for all e-moped and e-motorcycle fans: the GHG quota. This political instrument has a direct impact on electromobility and therefore also on SUR-RON's models. So, let's get started.

What is the GHG quota?

The GHG quota, short for greenhouse gas quota, is a political measure that aims to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector. Manufacturers are therefore required to produce and bring a certain number of low-emission or zero-emission vehicles onto the market. The quota is made up of various factors, including the total number of vehicles produced, the average CO2 emissions and the number of zero-emission vehicles in the range.

For which vehicles does the GHG quota apply?

The GHG quota affects a wide range of vehicles, especially those with electric drives. This means that electric cars, electric mopeds and electric motorcycles are included. This is particularly interesting for fans of SUR-RON, because SUR-RON offers three different models:

  • SUR-RON Light Bee (E-Moped)
  • SUR-RON Ultra Bee (E-Motorcycle)
  • SUR-RON Storm Bee (E-Motorcycle)

Important changes since July 31, 2023

Now comes the sticking point: Due to a change in the law by the federal government in Germany, claiming the GHG quota has no longer been possible since July 31, 2023. This affects all three SUR-RON models. So if you were thinking about buying a new e-moped or e-motorcycle and benefiting from the GHG quota, this train has unfortunately left the country.


The GHG quota was an important step towards more environmentally friendly mobility. Even if recent changes affect the promotion of certain models, purchasing a SUR-RON electric vehicle remains a sustainable and future-oriented decision. So stay tuned if you want to find out more about electromobility, SUR-RON and other exciting topics!

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